Corporate Profile

Company Name SOMPO Taiwan Brokers Co., Ltd.
Address 9F, No. 28, Qingcheng Street., Taipei City 105403,  Taiwan R.O.C.
Telephone 886-70-1011-3768
Chairman CHIN YI, CHEN

In August 1984, Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance set up its Representative Office in Taipei. The Nissan Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. also set up its Taipei Representative Office in February 1991. Both of them are the precedent of SOMPO Taiwan Brokers Co., Ltd.. In April. 2009, Sompo Holdings, Inc. established its fully owned subsidiary: "Sompo Japan Insurance (Taiwan) Brokers Co., Ltd." aiming to provide comprehensive and local services to the clients in Taiwan, and changed its name into SOMPO Taiwan Brokers Co., Ltd. in 2015.

Insurance Tips

Insurance Broker, according to the Article 9 of Taiwan's Insurance Act : "The term "insurance broker" as used in this Act means a person who, on the basis of the interests of the insured, negotiates an insurance contract or provides related services and collects a commission or remuneration."

In other words, an insurance broker is the entity which retained by its client to assess the client's risk and design the risk management solutions for its client. In addition, an insurance broker will also negotiate the insurance terms and conditions with the Insurance Companies on behalf of its client. The mission of an insurance broker is mainly to provide good quality and suitable insurance services for its client.